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Estate Planning Is Retirement Planning

There are some common misconceptions out there when it comes to retirement planning. Some examples include as long as you have a good nest egg hidden away, you’re ready for retirement, or you don’t have enough money to leave your family to justify the time and cost of putting an estate plan together. The amount…

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Are Estate Plans Only For The Wealthy?

Are Estate Plans only for the wealthy

Building a plan for the future and protecting financial assets is not simply for those with incredible wealth. Hawaiians across the state should have an estate plan that protects their assets over the long-term. To help introduce you to the topic of estate planning in Honolulu and its value, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview in…

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Hawaii Residents Can Avoid Probate with This One Simple Vehicle

When undergoing the difficult process of transitioning a deceased loved one’s assets, probate avoidance is a must. Probate court proceedings can be long and frustrating, putting your family through unnecessary hassle as they ascertain who gets what. Sparing those close to you of the emotional and financial stress that this process causes can be achieved…

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What is Probate and How to Avoid It?

What is probate? Many people don’t think about probate until someone they care about passes away and their assets are held up in probate court. What is probate? Probate is the official way an estate is settled with the supervision of Hawaii courts. Probate only comes into play when there is no will or a…

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I’m Stuck in Probate Court. What Do I Do?

If you are entitled to a portion of an estate and got stuck in Hawaii probate court, you are likely wondering where you should turn for answers. Your only option at this point is to deal with the process in a way that reduces the pain and stress. You already know by now that a…

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Advantages Hawaii LLC business owners have over Sole Proprietors

Deciding on a business structure that is right for your entity is an essential part of establishing a new organization. It is necessary to know the difference between a sole proprietorship and a limited liability company (LLC). These business structures differ in members benefit, ownership, and taxes. This article highlights the three significant advantages of…

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Hawaii Estate Planning: Work your Plan!

Hawaii estate planning can be utilized to reserve family values and safeguard most of your assets. In fact, just taking a few moments today to establish an estate plan will save you a lot of time and a great deal of heartache. As well, estate planning will benefit all future generations of your ohana (family).…

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3 Rainy Day Family Activities in Hawaii

3 Rainy Day Family Activities in Hawaii Hawaii families know that sometimes it rains and families need to find indoor activities. The sunshine that is popular does have a break during the state’s rainy season from November to March. When the beaches are too soggy to enjoy, and hiking trails are impassable, there are many…

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