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Hawaii Revocable Living Trusts

A Revocable Living Trust is a document that controls the disposition of your assets when you pass away and avoids probate.

Benefits of a Will

If you fail to draft a Will then the State of Hawaii will distribute your assets under the Intestate statute.

Hawaii Probate

Have you found yourself in a Hawaii probate situation?

Trust Amendments

A trust should be reviewed and updated as your life changes.  Failing to update your trust could cause disastrous results.


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Living Trusts

Avoid probate. Safeguard your assets from disgruntled heirs and lawsuits.

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A valid Will ensures that your assets will be distributed as you desire.

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Probate Help

Navigate informal and formal probate with the help of a professional attorney.

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Trust Amendments

Protect your assets from creditors and unforeseen risk.

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